San Diego Ice Arena's Solar Power Surpasses 1M kWh

San Diego Ice Arena's Solar Power Plant Surpasses 1,000,000 kWh

Newport Power is proud to announce that the solar power plant at the San Diego Ice Arena has produced over 1,000,000 kilowatt hours. (Or, the equivalent of over 81,000 gallons of gas saved to date.) The state of the art facility designed, engineered, built, operated and maintained by Newport Power is humming along. See it live here:

San Diego, CA, April 27, 2017 --( The Linssen Brothers Mark and Phillip are in a competitive business with really high energy costs and they decided to make ice using the power of the sun. The structure had to be high enough to allow the lines of buses in the summer to easily slide underneath. The project had to make great financial sense for the board. But at the end of the day one million kilowatts later, the project was really built for the community. So kids and parents can see solar at work, talk about it, and marvel how this enormous system makes the ice for them to skate on. Next time you are in the neighborhood take a look, the array is awesome but the smiles of the kids spinning and scoring goals, and only knowing an ice rink that makes its own clean power. That is what really made the Linssen boys do it. A couple of kids at heart running a really cool business. Newport Power is proud to work with you everyday. Newport Power is looking forward to the next one million clean kilowatt hours.